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Since 1878.

Agriculture with lived values.

The Gruber family bought the farm in 1878. Since 1960 this farm has been like a second home for guests. Feeling at home even though you are not in your own four walls. Getting to know and at the same time witnessing the natural and respectful treatment of the animals is an enriching and inspiring experience. This not only at a specific time of the year, but in annual rhythm with nature.

Since 2016, the Klammerhof has been run as an organic farm. For the Gruber family, the harmony between animals and humans is in the foreground. Living and farming according to ethical principles.

The 35 hectare farm specializes in milk production. The Fleckvieh herd consists of 10 head, 8 cows and 2 calves.

In addition, the Klammerhof is home to 1 pony, 10 chickens and several small animals.